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Your content is showing the world who you are – your vision and values, your experience, your approach, where you’re headed. Onley Communications LLC is here to help you get there.

We’re a Maryland-based writing, editing and media outreach boutique with 20+ years of journalism and public relations know-how. We ask the right questions and use the responses to develop compelling and memorable content.

Onley Communications helps clients tell their stories and find the best print, broadcast and online media to reach their target audience. We bring a fresh outlook and tons of enthusiasm to each job because energy is contagious and it shines through in the work.

Dawn Onley


Who We Are.

Founded by Dawn Onley, who has a journalism and public relations background, Onley Communications gets organizations and people noticed.

With strategic communications experience supporting corporations, government agencies and nonprofits, our mission is to bring you unparalleled writing and creative services to help you promote your offerings and achieve your goals.

Whether we're drafting a press release, editing a white paper, pitching story ideas to reporters, developing a communications strategy, raising awareness through stakeholder outreach, or helping clients win prestigious awards or land coveted speaking slots, Onley Communications delivers. 


The Write Stuff


Through strategic communications and media engagement, we successfully help organizations differentiate their brand and stand out from the crowd.


We achieve this by:

  • Writing concise and strategic content that propels your message
  • Securing targeted media coverage
  • Drafting compelling speaking and award nominations
  • Compiling editorial calendars that provide customized opportunities for clients

Onley Communications is skilled at conducting research and interviews then putting it all together to compose whatever your organization wants drafted. From business reports to high-level speeches and from press releases to Web text, we have you covered.

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