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Through concise and captivating prose, Onley Communications connects you with your audience. We promote you as a thought leader in your space. We get you noticed. We make you memorable. Because the statement your business is making is vital to your success.

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What We Offer

Writing | Editing | Media Outreach | Communications Strategy



Clear. Authoritative. Strategic. Compelling. This is the language we use to tell your story, in your voice. We offer a wide range of content development services, including collateral, social media updates, blogs, press releases, white papers, case studies, media pitches, Web text and more, across the B2B, B2G and nonprofit verticals.



Do you have content that is in need of professional review? We provide expert copy editing services that promote your product and/or service and highlight your achievements. We are well-versed on the Associated Press editing guide and are also familiar with a few industry-specific editing style guides. Contact us and we'd be happy to show you what we can do!


Media Outreach

Onley Communications understands reporters. We know the types of stories they are interested in writing and how much it can hurt a company's relationship with reporters to pitch any old thing. We understand the various platforms, social media, print, broadcast, and the ever-changing media landscape. We intrinsically know reporters because we once covered some of their same beats. Let us put our knowledge and insight of the media to good use for you.


PR Strategy

Do you know where most press releases end up? In virtual trash cans. We know because, as reporters, we've tossed many releases there ourselves. 

The ones that capture media attention tend to have a strong news element or a unique twist. They tend to tell a compelling story that is too important to ignore.

Knowing what to pitch and whom to pitch takes skill. Following up on pitches takes perseverance. These are all aspects of an effective public relations strategy. Onley Communications listens to your goals and objectives and turns them into a multi-faceted PR plan.